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It was around 2003 that I began leading retreats. I had attended many in the past, but I found great joy in creating a sacred time for others to experience and explore God through retreat.  I feel called and have been affirmed in my ability to teach others about the practices of faith, whether through a book written by someone or through my own design (both of which can be used in putting together a retreat). We are a holy people that seek out the spiritual, who long to open themselves to the Holy. The spiritual practices of the church that help us to do that; practices like prayer, silence, meditation, worship, examen (the list is quite long) can all help us open up our souls and hearts to the grace and work of God so that we can feel and experience the Love of God that is so paramount to our daily living.

It is through such tools or spiritual practices that I live into the symphony that is my life and live it in harmony. This life is a gift from God and we all need to be able to get away and explore those practices of faith that allow us to experience God and give us the ability to live our lives in true harmony, not segregated pieces. What better way to do this than within a safe, holy environment with others who are on a similar but unique journey.

My retreats can be of any length and typically geared toward the needs of you church or small group. They are typically a mixture of prayer, worship, reflection, and teaching. I have led retreats on Henri Nouwen’s book The Return of the Prodigal Son and Reuben Job’s Three Simple Rules. I have also led retreats for staff on getting to know one another and ways of relating to one another. And I have written my own retreats using different material where I concentrate on a chosen set of practices and we exploring them individually and as a group (i.e. breath prayer, Lectio Divina, contemplative prayer, etc.). Please contact me and we can talk about the needs of your group and how I can facilitate a retreat for you. The fee for leading a retreat/session varies on what your group’s needs are for the retreat. I look forward to hearing from you.

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What others are saying . . .

“Whether it is a spiritual retreat, bible study session or her Sunday morning sermon, Kathy Barba Pierce brings her personal and down to earth approach to all she teaches.  Kathy has a passion to share and a desire for all to know themselves deep within so that their relationship with God continues to be a positive and forward journey.”

                                    — Nancy

“Kathy Barba Pierce’s Healing Service is a spiritual retreat in itself. For 90 minutes she leads you through the steps essential to embrace the situations – physical, emotional, and spiritual – that cause suffering in your life. During this time of tender, intimate, and scripture-based meditation and prayer, Kathy takes each person to a new level of understanding God’s healing grace and His promise to meet all of our needs. It is healing for the body and soul. It is worship on a whole new level.”

—  Eighth Day Unity Group,
Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church, High Point, NC