Mary’s Greatest Transitions

imageAs many of you know, I recently moved with my family to South Bend, IN in July of this year. It has been a good move with a few bumps along the road (and probably a few more to come). And now I embark on a new transition as I begin to pastor Granger Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in 10 days. (I’m very excited about this new opportunity.)  Life is full of transitions.

And with each transition in life, we have the opportunity to grow. Growth in and of itself is transition. So while transitions can be full of anxiety, full of joy, and full of unknowns (all at the same time), I give thanks for transitions. I think they make us more resilient. They make us quicker to understand that we can’t “do it” alone. They make us more real.  And most of all, they can make us more aware of God in our lives.

I think of Mary as she made the biggest transition in her life – to become the mother of God – to agree to deliver the Son of God into the world. And in so doing, she understood the meaning of resilience, and being open to the work of God, because she knew, firsthand, that with God anything is possible. She understood that she could not make this transition alone. While the angel came only to her, she then enlisted the help of her cousin Elizabeth and her betrothed, Joseph. She became more real, not only to herself and those around her, but to the world.  Her story became our story, as we all try to carry the Son of God within us and deliver Him into the world.  And like Mary, in agreeing to carry Jesus into the world, we too will become more aware of God in us and around us.

Loving God, help us to be more aware of you as we move through the transitions of life. Open us to the movement of your Spirit that we might grow more deeply and, in turn, become real. Help us, Lord, we pray. Amen.


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  1. Kathy,
    Beautiful & well said. Congrats on the new transition! I hope your stay in Asheville was everything you needed it to be. I’m so happy to get to continue hearing your “voice” in this blog. Blessed season !! Kyna

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