About Me

Kathy Barba Pierce…

  •   I am a mother.
  •   I am a wife.
  •   I am a daughter.
  •   I am an ordained United Methodist clergywoman.
  •   I am a spiritual director.
  •   I am a retreat leader.
  •   I am a preacher.

We all wear many hats in our life.  These are just some of the hats that I wear that make up who I am.  I am a contemplative at heart.

Henri Nouwen, a contemplative and spiritual writer I have grown to admire, said:

“When you are invited to pray, you are asked to open your tightly clenched fist and give up your last coin [your last possession]. … Each time you dare to let go …, your hand opens a little and your palms spread out in a gesture of receiving.” (With Open Hands)

My calling is walk with others as we co-create, with God, an open space within that allows God to live and move and work in us. I live out this calling by being a spiritual director, a retreat leader, and a preacher.

Background Information

I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina. My seminary education was at Duke Divinity School in Durham, NC, and am an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. My clergy membership is with the Western North Carolina Conference. In my pastoral ministry, I have served small congregations and large congregations, white and African American congregations, and as a pastor alone and on staff with other pastors. I have lived and served in the Northeast, the midwest, and the southeast.  I have learned from it all and had my own spiritual director during those times to help me.

In 2006, I began a two-year certificate program in Spiritual Direction at the Benedictine Peace Center. This program trained me to listen with openness and ask questions that seek to help others go deeper in their spiritual life.

I have had my writing published in a book of pastoral prayers, edited by Sara Webb Phillips, and Homily Service, an ecumenical resource used for preaching and worship. Currently living in Georgia, I am living out my call by offering opportunities for adult formation through spiritual direction, retreat leading, and preaching.  I pray that the ministries I offer of spiritual direction, retreat leading, and preaching can help you create a space within yourself that allows God to take up residence and live in and through you.

You can contact me through this email:  cocreatingopenspaces@gmail.com

While not working, I enjoy spending time with my children, Clare and Aidan, and my husband Russ, who works for the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries. My family, in their own unique way, have opened me up to a new realization and understanding of God, and I am truly thankful for them. I also enjoy spending time outside, walking, and listening. It’s all gift.

What others are saying . . .

“Thoughtful, creative and insightful; Kathy Barba Pierce is also a person of deep faith, who extends God’s grace with warm and tender hands.”

— Fil Anderson, author, speaker and spiritual guide

“Kathy is a reflective practitioner who offers her gifts in ministry with kindness and abundant grace.”

— Kathryn McElveen, Leadership Coach
& Courage and Renewal® Facilitator

“Kathy has distinctive gifts and skills that enable her to do her important work with great competence and compassion.”

— Russ S. Moxley, Honorary Senior Fellow
Center for Creative Leadership

“Kathy is a rare combination of creativity, conviction and compassion, of intellect and heart. She has a contemplative charisma that is engaging and inspiring, as thought-provoking as it is thoughtful. She gives me hope for the church every time I hear her preach.”

— Nathan Kirkpatrick, Managing Director,
Leadership Education at Duke Divinity


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